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Denham and Hamelin Pool

We will depart Dirk Hartog Island at 0700 for a short steam to Denham. Here we anchor and take a short land transfer to Hamelin Pool and the otherworldly phenomenon of the Stromatolite fossils.

Representing the earliest signs of life on our planet, the rock-like "Living Fossils" of the salty Hamelin Pool are found within the UNESCO World Heritage listed Shark Bay. Even today you can see modern Stromatolites ‘fizzing’ underwater releasing oxygen reminiscent of how the ancient cyanobacteria did for billions of years when the air was only 1% oxygen. Once the oceans’ waters were saturated, oxygen was released into the air, allowing life to evolve. Growing only a measly 0.3mm per year, it's hard to believe these single cell organisms shaped the way for evolution.

While in the area we will also be visiting Monkey Mia beach Dolphins. Here, most mornings, wild dolphins come to show off and guests have the opportunity to swim with them and even feed the selected 5 dolphins that receive fish from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions rangers.

Traditional custodians: Wirriwana people
Photo Credit: David Bristow/Australian Geographic

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